100% EU Origin Crowcon Vietnam XG5-A1-01-FD
 Xgard Type 5
 flameproof Flammable Gas Detector
 with 4-20mA Output"
 methane 0-100% LEL,
 aluminium junction box, M20,ATEX/IECEx
100% EU Origin Crowcon Vietnam XG2-A1-01-AC
 Xgard Type 2 Flameproof Toxic and oxygen detector
 Hydrogen sulphide 0-100ppm H2S
 aluminium junction box, M20, ATEX/IECEx
100% EU Origin Crowcon Vietnam 50065502
 OSNJ A2F-20a / M20
 Ex d cable gland for
 unshielded cables, metric
 Explosion protection: Ex d IIC/Ex e II
 Ex tD A21 IP66/IP67
 Certification: Nemko 03 ATEX 1460X
 IECEx KOS 09.0017X
 Protection class according to EN 60529: IP 67
 Material: Brass, nickel-plated M20x1.5
 for cables with outer diameter 10.1-13mm
 NOTE: If you has the old ones, you can still use them